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Campos, R., Mangaravite, V., Pasquali, A., Jorge, A., Nunes, C., & Jatowt, A. (2020). YAKE! Keyword extraction from single documents using multiple local features. Information Sciences, 509, 257–289.

Fonseca-Pinto, R., Rijo, R., Assunção, P., Seco, M. A., Guarino, M. P., Braga-Pontes, C., … Martinho, R. (2020). Prescribe and Monitor Physical Activity Through a Community-Based eHealth Program: MOVIDA Platform.

Mateus, D. M. R., & Pinho, H. J. O. (2020). Evaluation of solid waste stratified mixtures as constructed wetland fillers under different operation modes. Journal of Cleaner Production, 253, 119986.